It's nice to meet me


"If there's anything around more important than my ego, I want it caught and shot now!"

Said by the most charismatic character in the history of galactic hitch-hiking, it sums me up entirely and gives you an idea of what to expect. I love being the centre of a man's attention. I thrive on compliments (note that monosyllables like "nice" and "good" can be used when talking about weather, films or meals. In relation to women, they are not appropriate). Being adored is great but being worshipped is much better, and I do like being worshipped! I'm a go-by-the-ground type, but my height is no relation to my ego - I mean my charm, of course. Charm. I'm even known to be kind in return.

I take delight in dressing up and making myself pretty, not that it takes a lot of effort. I love lingerie and the way men look at it. But I'm not keen on showing too much too soon. Fifteen minutes of begging, as we all know, is not foreplay, but it definitely paves the way.

My statistics can be found below - should you need them. I don't believe that digits can describe a person, but they can be put to good use when exploring the said person's body. You will not be meeting a 5'2'' 34D brunette, you'll be meeting me. And my personality cannot be expressed in numbers. Words are not enough either. You have to experience it. Organisations that help you rehabilitate afterwards are listed on the last page (thought I'd finish with another quote from Adams).


Height in heels


Height without heels

Only noticeable when you drop something on the floor


Enough to keep you busy

Dress size

Who cares? I look much better without a dress!




Teasing. Merciless teasing

Side effects

Addiction may occur